Public Inquiries – The New Arrangements

In March 2020, COVID-19 brought a temporary end to Public Inquires and Driver Conduct Hearings.  These were resumed for a limited number of cases using an online video conferencing platform.

Last month, however, Public Inquiries and Driver Conduct hearings returned properly.

A number of things have changed however:

  1. The number of attendees is restricted, for instance to 5 in the North East Traffic Area.
  2. Evidence must be submitted in triplicate a week before the hearing.
  3. Evidence provided on the day may not be reviewed by the TC.
  4. Contact details of all attendees, including name, email address and mobile number must be provided in advance.  Anyone not listed may be prevented from entering
  5.  Maintenance records must be submitted in vehicle folders
  6. There is now no opportunity to meet with your solicitor in the building, as you will only be allowed entry 10 minutes before the hearing.
  7. No water will be provided – which could cause a problem for the nervous operator with a dry mouth.

Given the new changes to the submission of evidence, it is even more crucial to seek professional advice and the earlier you do that the better.