Diversity Data

We have recently undertaken a diversity survey (July 2023). Due to the fact that we need to protect the identities of the respondents to the survey and for data protection reasons we only publish a limited amount of information that cannot be linked to an individual working for us.

Our latest survey shows the following:


Of the respondents to the survey, 75% were male employees and 25% were female employees.


Of the respondents to the survey, 37.5% fell in the range 25-34, 25% in the 35-44 age range, 25% in the 45-54 age range and 12.5% in the 55-64 age range.


Of the respondents to the survey, 100% were in the British / English / Welsh / Northern Irish / Scottish ethnicity groups.


62.5 % of respondents to our survey were educated in state run schools.