OTC Could Face Action After Serious GDPR Breach

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner’s (OTC) could be facing legal action from transport operators after their decision to publish outcomes of driver conduct hearings. The publication of this information is being labelled “a serious GDPR breach” by transport lawyers who also say that “sooner or later” a professional driver would take legal action against the Office of the Traffic Commissioner’s.

The information published contained personal data, including driver’s names, data of birth, postcode, and the date of their hearing.

In June, the OTC announced that it had started publishing the outcomes of hearings and that it was following “widespread approval of this information in response to a consultation in 2019”.

“Publishing this information will make it easier for operators to find out if a driver has been subject to regulatory action” it said.

“This will help to ensure they do not use drivers who have not declared any action taken by a Traffic Commissioner against their vocational entitlement to their employers.”

So far, personal data of over 100 drivers have been published, as well as their hearing results.

You can find more information on the situation here.