DyneProtect© provides the following specified legal services and benefits for an agreed annual fee:

  • Defence and Representation – with your consent we will introduce you to an independent insurance broker who will review your situation and offer you a policy for legal expenses provided by a third party insurer meeting your ‘demands and needs’. The broker will pass on to you any discounts from underwriters plus a share of their commission for DyneProtect© clients. We do not receive an introducers fee or any commission from the independent insurance broker.
  • Access to any one of our specialist solicitors for telephone advice covering any legal matters limited to DSL’s specialist areas of practice relating to waste management, environmental permitting, health and safety, road transport, operator licensing and related commercial litigation issues. This allows you to draw on our specialist legal knowledge and experience whenever and our team is always available and accessible during the normal hours of business. We can advise you e.g. in relation to regulatory investigations, applying for an operator licence, making or notifying changes in relation to your licence and notifying convictions.
  • We believe this is a significant benefit of DyneProtect© because obtaining legal advice early can often prevent minor issues developing into more serious issues. In our experience businesses may put off seeking advice because of the perceived disbenefit of legal costs.
  • There are other DyneProtect© benefits we would be happy to discuss with you.

Our Team

John Dyne

Role - Managing Director (Environmental, Health & Safety & Transport)


Deborah Bond

Role - Director of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services


Jared Dunbar

Role - Director of Transport Services

Kerry Pepperell

Role - Solicitor – Road Transport and PSV

Richard Turnbull

Role - Solicitor, Transport & Environmental

Kathryn Lucas

Role - Consultant Solicitor – Environmental & Planning