Our Team

Meet our team of highly experienced, industry specialist solicitors. Our solicitors come from various backgrounds and specialise in different areas of regulatory law including Road Transport, Environmental Law, Health & Safety, Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution and more.

When assigning a solicitor to your case, we evaluate your needs to match you to the right solicitors for you.

To learn more about our solicitors’ individual experience, backgrounds, and responsibilities, simply click on their name or photograph below to read their bio.

John Dyne Managing Director

John Dyne

Role - Managing Director (Environmental, Health & Safety & Transport)

Jared Dunbar Director of Transport Services

Jared Dunbar

Role - Director of Transport Services

Andrew Holt

Role - Commercial Litigator

Alex Sandland

Role - Commercial Litigator

James Edes

Role - Solicitor

Chloe Howard

Role - Office Manager/Legal Assistant

Patrik Jones-Wright

Role - Trainee Solicitor

Michael Dyne

Role - Finance Manager