Changes to EU Driving Rules from 20th August 2020

EU drivers’ hours and tachograph rules will change on 20th August. These changes are causing a considerable degree of industry angst. If you are affected adversely please let us know or contact your Trade Association (e.g. HTA, BSA).

The new rules will include:

  • a requirement for drivers’ to ‘return home’ every 4 weeks
  • a ban on taking regular weekly rest periods in the driver’s vehicle
  • a new definition of ‘non-commercial carriage’
  • more flexibility on the scheduling of the rest periods for some drivers on international carriage of goods
  • new provisions for rests and breaks for drivers when journeys involve transport by ferry or by rail
  • a new requirement to keep a full record of all other work.

Operators and drivers should review the changes to the EU driving rules and prepare to follow them.