Environmental law

Pollution is a local, national and global issue – think waste plastic and that is just the tip of the iceberg.The emission of pollutants can cause significant harm to human health and to ecosystems and any activities giving rise to potential emissions to land, air and water are heavily regulated.

We have helped a wide range of clients with environmental legal issues including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Landspreading operators
  • Waste recyclers
  • Skip operators
  • Land and soil remediators
  • Composters
  • Water treatment companies
  • Landfill operators

Our environmental law specialists regularly advise companies on permits and discharge consents, which regulate the discharge of pollutants into controlled waters or sewers.

We also advise farming clients on activities regulated by permit such as landspreading, which can give rise to polluting run off and odours.

Activities that fall outside the scope of permits can also give rise to harmful emissions, including dust, odour and noise, which are regulated and enforced under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Even activities where no pollution has occurred can be the subject of an enforcement action. In some cases the mere risk of pollution is all it takes for a suspension notice to be issued. This is especially the case with fire risk management.

Our environmental legal services include:

  • Appealing Regulation 36 Enforcement notices
  • Appealing Regulation 37 Suspension notices
  • Appealing Regulation 22 Revocation notices
  • Appealing compliance rating scores
  • Negotiating terms with the regulator
  • Diverting regulators away from normal enforcement routes to settle issues by mediation
  • Defence of water pollution prosecutions
  • Advice on risk management and solutions
  • Mitigation of potential fines and enhancing outcomes
  • Contaminated land issues caused by a historic legacy of unregulated activity or criminal activity
  • Support and solutions for landowners who have become victims of fly tipping

For more information about environmental legal services and how we can help you provide solutions to land, water, or airborne emissions and pollutants, pleaseĀ contact us and ask for John Dyne.