Public Inquiries

The latest statistics show that public Inquiries result in 34 per cent of operators’ licenses being revoked. Don’t let you company be another unfortunate statistic.

‘Submissions from counsel and solicitors carry more weight than those from other representatives’.

(Hugh Carlisle QC, President of the Transport Tribunal)

At Dyne Solicitors we offer fixed fees for Public Inquiry work.

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What we can do for you

If you have been called to Public Inquiry an experienced transport solicitor will review your call up papers, meet with you personally, help you to become compliant and will write your full submissions for the tribunal, all before the date of the hearing.

On the day of the tribunal your specialist public inquiry solicitor will attend and represent you, by which time you can be safe in the knowledge that legally your business is in the best possible shape.

 Levels of Public Inquiry Representation:

Free review of your case and a free telephone consultation with a public inquiry solicitor.

Face to face meeting with a senior transport Solicitor who will provide Full advice and support in becoming compliant before the Tribunal. Written submissions forming the basis of a robust defence, setting out your entire case clearly to the Traffic Commissioner; dealing with all factual and legal issues.

Includes the entire Silver package with the addition of attendance and submissions at Public Inquiry by your solicitor.

For more information on how we can help you with a Public Inquiry, please contact us.