VOSA Crackdown

VOSA has announced that it is aiming to issue more prohibitions in the coming year to help combat non-compliance. It also intends to increase the use of its targeted checks to reach a level where 12% more prohibitions came via this avenue than via random checks.
In terms of prosecutions, VOSA has also announced that the number of HGVs committing offences deemed worthy of prosecution increased from approximately 4,700 to 6,700 in 2011/12. VOSA also announced that there was an increase in the number of convictions by 12% for cases which ended up in Court.
They announced the 10 most commonly committed offences as follows:
drivers’ hours offences
Tacho and record offences
Driving licence
No operator’s Licence
Plating and testing (e.g. no plating certificate)
Miscellaneous (e.g. driving without insurance, driving while prohibited)
Construction and use (e.g. unroadworthy)
Other O-licence offences (e.g. using a restricted when should have been a standard licence)
Vehicle excise duty
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Content is believed to be correct at time of writing. Content written on 20 August 2013.

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