Updated guidance released: Categorisation of roadworthiness defects

The DVSA has recently updated the Categorisation of Defects guide.

The document is primarily used by DVSA enforcement examiners or authorised police constables and provides guidance on the action to take when roadworthiness defects are found during vehicle inspections.

That said, the DVSA recommends that vehicle owners, operators and drivers use the guide to become more aware of DVSA’s inspection standards and possible defects. It should help you to ensure your vehicles are used in a safe condition.

The main changes to the guide are:

  • Clearer guidance for ABS/EBS defect identification and action taken;
  • Use of the digital tachograph over speed events to identify road speed limiter faults;
  • New guidance regarding drawbar trailer attachments;
  • Increased selection of advisory defects, so DVSA documentation issued after a road check is clearer for drivers and operators.

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