Successfully beating a speeding ticket

A driver who was issued with a speeding ticket recently managed to successfully defend himself.
The driver was alleged to have been travelling at 36 mph in a 30 mph zone.  After receiving a photograph of the incident, he visited the location of the alleged offence.  Whilst there he noticed that the distance between the white road markings used to calculate his speed seemed short. On measuring them, it turned out they were approximately three inches shorter than they should have been.
The magistrates’ court accepted that the shorter lines made it appear that he was going faster than he actually was and the case was dismissed.
Jared Dunbar comments: “this case highlights the benefits of thoroughly investigating the details of an alleged offence, particularly when you are certain you didn’t commit that offence.  Fortunately this driver did this and successfully challenged his ticket.  However, not all members of the public will know the rules adequately to be able to undertake such a process themselves.  It shows there is merit in investigating prosecutions thoroughly before blindly paying a fine.  Although it is often difficult to challenge the veracity of a machine, it goes to confirm the adage of Garbage In, Garbage Out.
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Content is believed to be correct at time of writing.  Content written on 22.01.15.

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