JAUPT & DVSA Warn of Unnecessarily Repeating Driver CPC Training Subjects

The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) has announced training providers and drivers that repeatedly carry out the same periodic training in order to satisfy Driver CPC requirements could face firm disciplinary action from the DVSA & JAUPT.

The announcement came after the EU Commission reviewed the Driver CPC Directive which now clarifies, “a range of different subjects should be covered over the 35 hours.”

The announcement by JAUPT outlines that the DVSA and JAUPT will monitor training provider uploads and driver records. If they spot any training that suggests a driver or training provider is unnecessarily repeating driver training subjects, they will take the appropriate action. This could consist of revoking a driver qualification card (DQC) and a review of a training body’s approval to provide periodic training.

To avoid being accused of repeating the same periodic training unnecessarily, training providers are warned they should ensure they offer a good range of training subjects. The announcement suggests offering 1 or 2 courses will not be enough. In addition, repeating the same course 5 times in a short period will never be justifiable. Driver training should also take into account if the driver has any weaknesses that need addressing, and the driver training structured according to those weaknesses.