Driver CPC

The Driver CPC was introduced across Europe for Large Goods Vehicle licence holders from 10 September 2009.  It became applicable both for drivers already holding an LGV vocational licence and for new drivers acquiring an LGV licence.  Without it, a driver is unable to drive LGV’s professionally.
There are two parts to the Driver CPC:

  1. Initial qualification for new drivers. (Drivers who already held a vocational a licence in September 2009 were given acquired rights for the initial qualification.)
  2. 35 hours periodic training to be completed every 5 years.

Acquired rights drivers of goods vehicles must therefore complete a total of 35 hours training by September 2014. For bus or coach drivers, this date is September 2013.  The Senior Traffic Commissioner, Mrs Bell, has stated that drivers who failed to complete their training could be called to a driver conduct hearings where they may well have their licences suspended until they complete the periodic training.
However, Operators should not rely on their drivers to complete the training.  Mrs Bell has also suggested that those Operators who have failed to be proactive in getting their drivers to complete the requisite training, could also be called to disciplinary Public Inquiries.
On qualification, drivers get issued with a Driver Qualification Card and will be required to carry evidence that they hold the Driver CPC when driving professionally. If a driver is found to be driving without their Driver Qualification card, the penalty could be a fine of up to £1000 for the driver.
If a driver does not actually have the CPC qualification and is found driving, then they are liable for a fine of up to £1000, with their employer also liable for a £1000 fine.
There will no doubt be a last minute surge in goods vehicle drivers attempting to complete their periodic training next year.  This could result in market forces driving the prices up to extortionate levels or alternatively places just not being available meaning drivers are left unable to complete their training and unable to drive legally.  The advice to all drivers and operators is to organise your training requirements now.
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