Government Publishes Updated Version of the Border Operating Model

On the 8th of October, the Government published an updated version of the Border Operating Model which details how the GB-EU border will operate. Recently there has been some unease amongst those in the transport sector who believe the UK will not be ready for the end of the transition period. As we move closer to the 1st January 2021 the need to ensure your business is prepared becomes even more pressing. We urge hauliers and traders to review the Border Operating Model and trading rules changing from 1st January 2021, and to consider how their business might be affected.

The updated GB-EU Border Operating Model:

  1. Provides an initial view of where inland border infrastructure will be situated. These sites will provide the necessary additional space to undertake checks on freight.
  2. Outlines that passports will be needed to enter the UK from October 2021 as the Government winds down the use of EU, EEA and Swiss national identity cards as a valid travel document for entry to the UK. The justification for this requirement is identity cards are deemed one of the least secure documents used on the border.
  3. Establishes that a Kent Access Permit will be compulsory for HGVs using the short strait channel crossings in Kent. The ‘Check an HGV’ service will enable hauliers to check if they have the right customs paperwork and acquire a Kent Access Permit.

In addition to the above, the Government is announcing it will take advantage of an exemption within EU state aid rules to increase the level of support that businesses can obtain from the Customs Grant Scheme. The Government had already contributed over £80 million in funding to the customs intermediary sector to increase training, recruitment, and improve IT systems. Despite this some remained sceptical as to whether the customs intermediary sector would be able to cope with the new paperwork. This latest announcement may be a move in the right direction but only time will tell if the above measures are enough.

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