Transport Sector Calls on EU to Develop European Strategy for Governance of B2B Data

We have learnt as of 7th October 2020, representatives of the transport, logistics, and mobility sector have submitted a joint statement calling on the European Commission to communicate a European strategy for data. The statement envisages a strategy that establishes goals for developing a European single data market to increase the EU’s competitiveness in the global data economy.

The main thrust behind this call for an EU strategy is the transition of the transport sector into a digitalised economy. Many businesses within the EU are SMEs which require support in order to benefit from the change to a digital economy. An EU strategy could help successfully regulate B2B data and enable businesses to remain competitive.

The statement emphasises innovation within transport relies heavily on the processing and exchanging of large amounts of data, and such innovative solutions result in an increase in data generation.

The joint statement sets out principles the EU framework on data governance of B2B data should be underpinned by, in summary:

  • Data exchange and provision should remain voluntary
  • To manage data misappropriation, responsibilities of data aggregators and rights of data generators should be clearly defined.
  • The need for commonly agreed interoperable and multimodal specifications at EU level
  • A focus on boosting skills so that businesses can realise the potential of the data economy
  • Financial support for business to transition to a digital economy

Click here to read the joint statement in full