Driver CPC Exemption for Mechanics

A rule forcing mechanics to pay for professional driver training is to be abolished saving UK businesses £29 million has been announced by Roads Minister, Stephen Hammond.
Under the current rules, anyone who drives an HGV or bus must complete a driver CPC.  However, approximately 75,000 who only drive them for short distances, for the purposes of delivering or repairing them, will soon be exempt.
Stephen Hammond announced that two exemptions will be implemented this autumn 2013:

  1. The first exemption benefits both mechanics and valets delivering vehicles. It applies as long as no goods or passengers are being carried, the vehicle is not being used for hire or reward, driving HGVs or PSVs is not the driver’s main job and the vehicle remains within 50km of the driver’s base.
  1. The second exemption benefits mechanics and it applies as long as the vehicle is being driven to an official test at a VOSA or authorised testing facility.

The Government also intends to look again at whether the scope of exemptions from Driver CPC can be extended in respect of farmers.
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Content is believed to be correct at time of writing.  Content written on 20 August 2013.

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