The Data Protection Fee: Does Your Company Need to Pay?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data protection regulator, is here to help companies in the freight industry to get data protection right.

You’ll find lots of advice and guidance for businesses on the ICO’s website, including guidance on how to keep data flowing at the end of the UK’s transition out of the EU, and a self-assessment checklist which will help you work out whether you need to pay a fee to the ICO. For most businesses, the fee is £40 or £60 for the year.

It’s the law to pay the data protection fee, which funds the ICO’s work, but it also makes good business sense. Whether or not you have paid the fee could have an impact on your reputation. Paying the fee and being listed on the ICO’s register of fee payers shows that your company take data protection seriously. It’s a strong message for your customers – it lets them know you value and care about their information. It also lets other organisations know that you run a tight ship.

You may have received a letter from the ICO reminding you of your legal responsibility to pay the data protection fee – this should come as a helpful reminder to pay the annual fee on time, or tell the ICO if you’re exempt.

Though the ICO ultimately has the power to issue fines, most of its work with small organisations is focussed on helping you to get data protection right first time around. The ICO’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to help.

Visit for data protection advice.