Health & Safety

Health & safety considerations are vitally important for every UK business – protecting not only workers and members of the public, but also a company’s bottom line and reputation.

At Dyne Solicitors, we specialise in providing support to companies that operate in high risk sectors including demolition, transport, plant and mobile crane operations, processing plants and quarries.

We can provide prompt and timely support immediately following a health & safety incident and assist in accident investigations.

We are particularly experienced in issues involving fly rock – rock propelled from a blast area by the force of an explosion – and other industrial accidents and have acted in a number of defended cases.

We also provide proactive advice, providing in-house training for senior managers.

Our health & legal services include:

  • Advising on health and safety systems and record keeping
  • Carrying out legal audits and advice on monitoring and auditing systems
  • Appealing on your behalf against “stop” and “improvement” notices
  • Assisting you immediately after a health and safety incident
  • Assisting you with accident investigation
  • Representing you in any court in which criminal proceedings may be brought
  • Providing in-house training for directors and managers

For more information on our health & safety legal services, please contact us.