Charges and expenses

Our charges are primarily based on the time spent dealing with a matter, which we charge in increments of 6 minutes.  Time spent will include meeting with you and perhaps others, considering, preparing and working on papers; correspondence and making and receiving telephone calls.

We will charge you at the rates set out in our client care letter or based on the rates set out in the table below for each hour of work by the relevant fee-earner from now until the review date on 1st May annually.  On that date the hourly rates will be reviewed, and we will notify you in writing of any increased rate.

Charging Rates/ hour
Consultant Solicitor £200.00 - £350.00
Director/ Associate Director £165.00 - £350.00
Associate £135.00 - £250.00
Assistant Solicitor £110.00 - £250.00
Trainee Solicitor / Legal Advisor £ 75.00 - £150.00
Para-legal Staff £ 75.00 - £150.00
Telephone Advice Line (DyneProtect©) £ 250.00 - £1,500
Non - solicitor Environmental / Health and Safety/ Employment & Transport Consultants £120.00 - £250.00

Time is not the only consideration. There are other factors we will take into account such as the complexity of the matter, the amount of specialised knowledge and responsibility involved and the urgency of the matter to you the client.  Our ultimate goal is to charge a fair and reasonable fee taking into account all the relevant factors.  If we consider that the circumstances of the case warrant a higher rate than that specified above we will inform you. We will add VAT to our charge at the rate that applies when the work is done.  At present, VAT is 20%.

We set out in the table below the other things you are likely to have to pay for (which are not always possible to predict).

Charging Policy
Travel by road £0.50 per mile
Travel by rail 2nd Class Tariff
Overnight Subsistence Minimum charge £50.00
Postage Special, courier or exceptional deliveries At cost
Copying A/4 £0.15 per sheet
Colour Copying or printing A/4 £1.00 per sheet
Faxes A/4 National // International £0.25 // £0.50 per sheet
Bank Transfers All payments of £100,000 or more
(no charge for less than £100,000)
£17.50 per transaction

We will write to you before we incur any substantial disbursements asking you to put us in funds so that the disbursements can be paid.

If you choose to terminate the Contract with us, we will charge you for the work done and the expenses incurred up to the date you communicate your wish to terminate the Contract.

If Counsel is to be engaged, we will notify you of any estimate for fees before agreeing them with Counsel’s clerk and we will expect payment to cover Counsel’s fees, before any instructions are sent or a brief is delivered for trial.