Proposals to ban HGVs from overtaking on the A12

Conservatives on Essex County Council have proposed to ban HGVs from overtaking on the Essex stretch of the A12 because they say the vehicles in the outside lanes are contributing to congestion.
However, the motion will require the Secretary of State for Transport for approval before it will become law. The motion is expected to go before the county council on 9 July.
Rodney Bass, who will propose the motion, said: “There is absolutely no doubt of the frustration felt by motorists as they frequently sit behind one lorry as it slowly attempts to overtake another one with the result of long queues building up. ┬áThis is not an attack on road hauliers who provide a vital service for our county and beyond. ┬áBut it is aimed at recognising that the A12 is a important road that is very congested and overtaking lorries do contribute to slow journey times and we believe that this ban would improve that situation for all.”
However, David Scott-Smith, of the RHA, said that a ban on overtaking could produce a long queue of HGCs preventing other motorists from joining the A12 from slip roads.
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