Proposal to Allow Ministers to Relax EU Cabotage Rules For Car Transporters during Peak Registration Periods

EU Regulation 1072/2009 introduced new rules in relation to road haulage cabotage which resulted in non-GB goods vehicles being limited to carrying out no more than 3 loaded operations within 7 days of arrival in GB.  After 3 loaded domestic journeys or 7 days (which ever occurs first), the vehicle must leave GB.  It is possible to then re-enter GB with a new international load and undertake another 3 domestic journeys.
However, it appears that the new rules have impacted on the ability to move motor vehicles in peak periods of demand (i.e. March and September), when new car registration occurs.
To meet this demand, vehicles from other EU Member States have been used to supplement the GB fleet.  The vehicles used are usually highly specialised and unsuitable for other purposes.
The car industry has suggested that unlimited cabotage movements be permitted by non-GB car transporters during March and September.
The changes will require the Government introducing secondary legislation to relax the rules for car transporters.  The Government has also stated that it would like to amend the legislation so that cabotage rules could be relaxed by future secondary legislation for other sectors or categories of vehicles, should the need arise.
The Department for Transport opened a consultation on the issues which closed in June 2012.

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