PPE Waste from Home Healthcare Workers Treating Patients with Coronavirus

The UK government has updated its COVID-19 regulations (RPS C5) regarding the disposal of PPE equipment. The update states that PPE equipment that has been used by NHS England healthcare workers who have been treating patients with or suspected of having, coronavirus (COVID-19) in their own homes, should be disposed of with the householder’s black bag waste.

According to the gov.uk website, Previously to the updated guidance, PPE waste from healthcare workers treating patients within their own homes would be:

  • coded as healthcare waste (18 01 03* if infectious, or 18 01 04 if non-infectious)
  • collected separately from the patient’s home through a courier collection service, or taken back to the relevant NHS England (NHSE) hospital of practice for disposal

This COVID-19 regulatory position statement only applies to PPE waste generated by NHSE healthcare workers treating patients with or suspected of having COVID-19 in their own homes.

View the full statement on the GOV.UK website, here.