OCRS – The present’s Grey, the future’s ???

Since the alterations to the rules surrounding the Operator’s Compliance Risk Score back in 2012, many hauliers have found themselves in its grey band.  The band was introduced to replace the practice of giving operators that VOSA had no contact with, the average OCRS score.
Figures show that over half of all operators are in the grey score for traffic enforcement.  The grey band has been such a problem that VOSA has apparently outlined three propositions to attempt to address concerns over the OCRS system.
The steps VOSA is considering introducing into OCRS are as follows:

  1. Incorporate feedback from examiners’ site visits into the OCRS;
  2. Incorporate independently conducted tacho analysis within the OCRS; and
  3. Investigate who those operators are that are in the grey zone. Where are they? What size is their fleet etc

It also seems that Operators are not regularly monitoring their OCRS.  All Operators should check their score online as it provides them with the information to show them how bad or well their systems are working.
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Content is believed to be correct at time of writing.  Content written on 17 July 2013.

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