Natural Resources Wales Issues COVID-19 Regulatory Guidance

For details of the Natural Resources Wales response to COVID-19 and regulatory decision in relation to the U10 exemption (spreading waste milk on land) follow this link: Our response to the coronavirus pandemic

Natural Resources Wales has issued the following compliance statement to regulated persons:

If a regulated business or individual is facing problems complying with their permit conditions as a direct result of the exceptional circumstances we currently face, then they should:

  • Inform us of the issues and how they are being managed as early as possible.
  • Prioritise compliance with those permit conditions that directly protect the environment.
  • Take all practicable alternative measures to prevent and minimise any harm to the environment or risks to public health.
  • Keep clear and comprehensive records of the decision made and actions taken.

If regulated business and individuals follow these guidelines, we will take a proportionate and reasonable approach to how we assess compliance during this public health emergency.  We will work with operators to find the best solutions to safeguarding the environment and helping businesses adapt in these challenging circumstances.

We will continue to check and assess compliance in a number of ways including phone calls, focused visits to priority sites and using a range of alternative methods for gathering intelligence.