Increase in Unlicensed Textile Bank Operators Sparks TRA Press Release

The Textile Recycling Association (TRA) have warned in a press release published on its website local authorities, landowners and charities should carry out the necessary due diligence before appointing new textile bank operators.  This press release comes after the TRA learned of a rise in new textile bank operators that do not have enough experience or the correct licences, permits, and exemptions.

The danger in such textile bank operators being appointed is they can cause reputational damage or affect the financial stability of professional operators that are needed to combat the issues of climate change which are partly caused by the consumption of textiles.

TRA director Alan Wheeler said during the lockdowns there had been an increase in unlicensed textile bank operators.

He said, “Such businesses often don’t have even an upper tier waste carrier’s licence and invariably they do not have relevant environmental permits or exemptions in place, that are required to legally store or process textile waste.”

These operators often tempt local authorities or landowners into allowing them to place their banks on their land by offering inflated prices.

On the topic of inflated prices, Wheeler commented, “Some will either just disappear after a few months without paying anything and may move to different areas, others may systematically under-declare what they collect.  If they are able to continue paying these prices, then serious questions need to be asked about where they are cutting their costs


The press release added the new voluntary industry standard titled TRUST will be launched later in the year after being delayed due to Covid-19. The statement urges local authorities and landowners to ensure bank operators they have appointed are members of the Textile Recycling Association.

The TRA has detailed admissions procedures and carry out checks on licences, permits, exemptions, insurance, employment records and other important matters to ensure businesses are operating in a compliant manner.

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