Employment Video Conferencing Advice Line for DyneProtect Clients

In these troubling times, do you understand your rights as an employer if you need to downsize your business?

Employment is a complex area of law that that is process driven. If procedures are not followed, then the situation can be costly and difficult to unravel.

To address the challenge of COVID-19, DSL is offering employment advice to its DyneProtect clients. Clients will have the opportunity of having a video conference call with an employment specialist barrister. The offer will be free telephone advice via video conferencing (using Zoom) and will include a 15-minute exploratory chat that should be enough for most purposes. If you wish to take matters further, then our specialist adviser will be able take the matter further on a direct access basis.

All video conferencing advice will be recorded for fact verification purposes and provided by a specialist employment lawyer (barrister) with over 30 years experience. This barrister is ranked as a leading individual in Legal 500.

To make use of this opportunity in the first instance, you need to call the our director, John, on 01829 773102. A video conference will then be scheduled. It is up to you then to ensure you can make the appointment and connect at the appointed time. To participate you will need an email address, a smart phone/iPad or any device with a camera, microphone and speakers.

​You should also download the absolutely free Zoom Cloud Meetings application which is available for download from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). The application can also be downloaded on your Mac/PC by going to https://www.zoom.us/ and creating an account. This will set you up for video conferencing as and when required.