COVID-19 and VOR – Timely Reminder!

As a result in the downturn caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, many operators may have parked up vehicles under ‘VOR’.

We have it on good authority that once everything gets back to normal the DVSA will be looking at PMI records and checking to see whether first use checks were in place before vehicles being returned to service.

Remember if a vehicle has been VOR’d it is irrelevant that such a vehicle has not been in service since the last PMI.

If the inspection intervals have been exceeded then before the vehicle is put back into service it must undergo a  PMI.

Failing to undertake PMIs at stated intervals not only gives rise to potentially significant road safety consequences but is a departure from the statement of intent recorded against the Operator Licence and also a departure from the general undertaking that vehicles will be kept fit and serviceable.