Assisting operators with DVSA investigations

If the DVSA has arranged to come to your operating centre to look at your records or has arranged to have an interview with you under caution (PACE interview) then you need to be best prepared.  These are important situations which can have serious consequences for your business.
If either of these events has, or are about to happen, then you need to appreciate that you are high up on the DVSA’s radar.   You are at risk of facing a thorough investigation, prosecution or a Public Inquiry and, in many instance, all three.
You should comprehensively review your internal systems for ensuring compliance.
You should to seek specialist advice at the earliest opportunity.  Time and money invested at this stage will prevent, or minimise, costs at a later date.
With its experience of the whole process from investigation through to public inquiry, Dyne Solicitors is best placed to help you make the whole process as risk free and stress free as possible.

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