VOSA Test Timing Exercise

VOSA has recently announced that it has commissioned a work measurement study of HGV and PSV Annual testing. The aim is to make sure VOSA has have up to date, accurate timings because the last time it undertook timing exercises was 2008.
At least half of all annual tests are now performed at Authorised Testing Facilities and VOSA will focus on work carried out at these facilities.
The Department for Transport’s will randomly select locations to visit and observations will start in January 2013.  The aim is to have them completed by May 2013.
External engineers from Scott Grant Ltd, will conduct the majority of the timing observations.  The VOSA Vehicle Inspector will be shadowed whilst they conduct a live inspection. VOSA believes that there will not be any disruption to the work of the testing facilities and they say that they are not looking at anything else the testing facilities do.
Jared Dunbar
Dyne Solicitors

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