VOSA links with other Agencies

According to information provided to the recent Transport Select Committee, VOSA has extended its links with other enforcement agencies. In particular, at an operational level the intelligence and investigative functions within VOSA are delivered in close consort with the police.
VOSA also shares data with other agencies to ensure that mutual objectives can be met. Recent work has included reviewing the data collected by the Highways Agency on HGV ‘incidents’ in order to establish whether there are systemic failings by the vehicle’s operators.
It is true that for certain elements of VOSA’s routine enforcement, VOSA are still dependent on collaboration with the police.  For instance, where VOSA plans to impound vehicles then police support is required.
Recent high profile checks VOSA has undertaken jointly with other enforcement agencies include:
Operation Charlton
During the Olympics, and on behalf of the Highways Agency, VOSA enforced a weight restriction on HGVs using one of the bridges on the M4 close to London.
Operation Kansas
During the spring and summer of 2012, with the support of the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, VOSA examiners inspected a number of limousines in central London at the weekends. Some of these vehicles were impounded because they were being operated without an Operator’s Licence.
Operation Utah
South Wales Traffic Police, Traffic Wales, the Highways Agency and VOSA mounted a co-ordinated check of foreign HGVs using the Second Severn Crossing en-route to English and Continental destinations.
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