VOSA Announces Consultation on Fee Changes

VOSA has launched a consultation on proposed changes to some of the fees it charges for a number of its services. This includes changes to fees for:

  1. HGV and PSV testing, operator licensing and associated services;
  2. Approval and certification of various vehicles;
  3. Identity checks on written-off cars seeking re-licensing;
  4. Tachograph calibrator approval.

VOSA states that the aim of the proposed changes is to:

  1. Create fairer fees by:
    1. removing the remaining cross subsidy of VOSA test facility costs from users of Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs); and
    2. charging the cost of extra VOSA resource to service ATFs to ATF users;
  2. Meet additional running costs of interconnection throughout the EU of national registers of operators and their transport managers and more active monitoring of those committing most serious infringements as required by EU regulations;
  3. Ensure the financial sustainability of VOSA.

VOSA’s Chief Executive Alastair Peoples announced:
After four years with no general fee increases, VOSA will continue to absorb most costs and keep general rises to a minimal one percent.  This is good news for our customers as the increase is far below inflation.  I am also pleased to be able to propose a fairer allocation of costs between customers having their vehicles tested at ATFs and VOSA test stations.  I am keen to hear the views from customers on our proposals.” 
The consultation, which is open until 11 June 2013, is found online at www.gov.uk/government/consultations.
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