Uber Wins Right to Continue Operation in London

In September 2017, TfL (Transport for London) rejected Uber’s operating licence request due to passenger safety fears. Uber then submitted and won a number of appeals in order to keep operating within London.

This year, TfL has once again decided not to renew Ubers licence in November 2020, however, Uber has won their appeal to be granted a new licence after the Westminster Magistrates’ Court determined that Uber is a ‘fit and proper operator’ in spite of previous failings.

This comes as Uber is still awaiting the Supreme Court’s final ruling on the employment status of their drivers in the UK – a legal battle which has been ongoing since the initial employment tribunal brought on by the GMB Union in October 2016.

Since 2016, there have been a number of tribunals and hearings surrounding the ride-hailing giant’s business model that does not class Uber driver’s as workers, but instead as self-employed drivers, and how this leaves drivers with income below the minimum wage, no holiday or sick pay, and next to no employment rights.

With the renewal of Uber’s operating licence being granted by the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, it appears things have gone in Uber’s favour once again. ​It will be interesting to see the Supreme Court’s final verdict and if their business model in the UK will be subject to drastic change as a result of what the Supreme Court decides.