Small & Medium Freight Operators – Barriers to Greener Practices

A report titled ‘SME green freight’ has been published which explores the barriers preventing small and medium freight operators from adopting carbon emission reduction practices. The report also explores how small and medium sized road freight operators can be encouraged to adopt carbon emission reduction practices.

Additionally, the report explores the best ways to communicate with these businesses, which are generally considered hard to reach.

Overcoming Barriers to Engagement

To overcome barriers to engagement the report identifies three issues that need to be recognised:

  • A recognition of SMEs time poverty
  • A recognition of the lack of engagement with emissions reduction
  • A recognition many SMEs are cash poor

Effective Incentives to Engage Road Freight Operators with Greener Practices

The report suggests more information and support is needed to engage SMEs:

  • More information and support given to SMEs regarding eco-driver training
  • More information given to SMEs about the benefits of telematics systems

Effective Ways of Communicating with and Supporting SMEs

To communicate with SMEs more effectively, the report makes four recommendations:

  • DfT work with a variety of organisations that SMEs trust
  • Link messaging should be used with key interactions such as CPC training and MOTs
  • Implementation of a multi-channel approach to deliver messaging
  • SMEs be informed about initiatives which are set up to help them overcome barriers to greener practices.

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