Road traffic law enforcement inquiry launched

The Transport Committee is conducting an inquiry into road traffic law enforcement. The objective of this inquiry is to scrutinise how effectively the Government’s policies to improve road safety – by tackling dangerous or careless driving – are being enforced.

The Committee has published the following terms of reference for this inquiry. The Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions on:

  • The Government’s priorities and leadership role in improving road safety through traffic law enforcement.
  • Enforcement agencies’ capacity to enforce DfT policy on dangerous and careless driving.
  • The introduction of fixed penalty notices for careless driving: how these powers are being used, and whether alternatives to penalties should be considered.
  • The impact of road traffic law enforcement on the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The deployment of people and technology in enforcing road traffic policy.
  • The impact of the introduction of the HGV Road Users Levy on road traffic law enforcement against non-UK registered HGV drivers.
  • The impact of devolution of road traffic enforcement activities to local authorities.
  • The EU Cross Border Enforcement Directive.

The inquiry will not cover sentencing for offences as this falls under the remit of other Government departments.

For advice on transport law issues, contact Jared Dunbar on 01829 773 105

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