Renewed information sharing protocol between HMRC, VOSA and Traffic Commissioners

HMRC has recently release a press release on its sharing of information with VOSA and the Traffic Commissioners. The contents of the press release are summarised below:
Evasion of excise duty by a haulier distorts the market and puts all lawful hauliers at a commercial disadvantage.  Hauliers should be aware that if they participate in fraudulent activity such as moving illicit alcohol or tobacco, or evading fuel duty, then they run the serious risk of their Operator’s Licence being revoked by a Traffic Commissioner.
In 2011, HMRC introduced a protocol with VOSA and the Traffic Commissioners for the disclosure of information.  On 1 February 2013, HMRC announced an updated version to try to prevent the evasion of excise duties by hauliers.  HMRC believes that the newly revised terms should lead to a rise in the number of cases involving fraudulent hauliers being referred to the Traffic Commissioners.
Traffic Commissioners have responsibility for ensuring that only ‘fit and proper’ persons hold an Operator’s Licence. They will use the information HMRC provides to decide whether disciplinary action needs to be taken on an Operator’s Licence.
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