Possession Proceedings Update

As of 25th June 2020, Part 55 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (CPR) are amended to insert a new, temporary rule which provides that possession proceedings and enforcement proceedings by way of a writ, or a warrant for possession, are stayed until 23rd August 2020.

The new rule, CPR 55.29, will apply to proceedings that were stayed immediately prior to 25th June 2020 or that are brought between 25th June 2020 and 22nd August 2020. A claim may still be brought even though it may be stayed.

It will not apply to:

  • A claim against trespassers/persons unknown (to which CPR 55.6 applies);
  • Proceedings under the interim possession order procedure;
  • An application for case management directions that are agreed by all parties; and
  • Any claim for the injunctive relief.

It is business as usual if you are a landowner who has trespassers on your premises during the coronavirus lockdown.