Deborah Bond

Role - Director of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

Deborah is an experienced litigation solicitor with extensive advocacy experience. Deborah’s primary role is in dispute resolution, offering both a bespoke commercial litigation service and strategic legal advice to our core regulatory clients.

Deborah helps our niche area clients to resolve issues that have arisen concerning breach of contract or sale of goods disputes, breach of permits, property litigation issues which have occurred linked with Operating Centres or Licences, together with the recovery of assets and debts.

Deborah also practices Licensing Law and has experience of assisting individuals and businesses with issues concerning alcohol licensing, ranging from applications for personal or premises licences to temporary event notices or variations to an existing licence.

As a member of our Road Transport Team, Deborah regularly assists Clients in their applications for Operating Licences and both Operators and Transport Managers in preparation of their cases for Public Inquiries.

Deborah understands  that dealing with a dispute can be disrupting and time consuming. She will talk Clients  through where they  stand, explain their rights and help them to resolve the situation swiftly.

The courts are increasingly encouraging parties to settle their disputes outside of the court room wherever possible. There are various ways to try and reach an agreement outside of the formal litigation process. Deborah will talk you through the options that will benefit your particular situation, and the tactics to adopt to achieve the best outcome. Deborah  will explore all options which are appropriate and which can be an effective method of bringing the dispute to a conclusion swiftly, inexpensively and without damaging your on going relationship with the other party.

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