Alex Sandland

Role - Commercial Litigator

I am a Litigation specialist, practising across the broad spectrum of commercial and property/land functions. I approach disputes from a perspective of pragmatism and have forged a reputation for advising in complex and unusual cases.

My role at Dyne Solicitors Limited (DSL) is to develop the Litigation/Dispute Resolution function in its own right. Establishing DSL as a leading provider of advice in both contentious Commercial and Property/Land matters; and to complement and support the foundations of Environmental; Transport and Health & Safety.

I have successfully led and developed Litigation Teams across the North West, focusing on the delivery of direct, relevant, and tailored advice. I sincerely believe that in times of strife, clients require solutions and opportunities, rather than inevitability. Cases are seldom the same, I take the view that each and every set of circumstances can be approached differently. I apply a distinct strategy for each case, in order to achieve a multitude of outcomes. The key lies with the preferences and objectives of the client, within the context of the situation.

I have fostered a reputation of resilience and fortitude in addressing difficult disputes, often where other advisers have offered a poor prognosis or a guarded appraisal. I am always content to offer a second opinion, or to advise on the possibility of an alternative approach.

Through my years of practice and experience, I have refined an expertise in both Commercial Disputes and Property/Land Litigation.


  • Agricultural and Farming Partnership disputes
  • Boundary, Title, Ownership, and Registration issues
  • Contentious Lease matters
  • Access, Rights of Way, Easements, Covenants


  • Sale, Supply, and Distribution disputes
  • Conduct of proceedings (High Court; Appeals; Judicial Reviews)
  • Business fallout (Directors and Shareholders)

I have experience in high-level litigation at the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights. I also have several reported cases – some of which are cited as “established” law. Many of my cases are published and have attracted media attention, including the leading case on Easement and Prescription (Bennett v Winterburn; Times Law Reports); Clearway (Court of Appeal; insurance claim – interpretation of Denton, relief from sanctions); and Gresty (European Court of Human Rights; Building Regulations dispute – claim against Local Authority).

More recently, I have advised on several high-value Farming/Agricultural/Land Disputes with values running to £10m plus.

I have been dual-endorsed by Legal 500 year-on-year for my practice in both Commercial Dispute Resolution and Property Litigation.

“…takes a bullish approach to litigation, no-nonsense straightforward person to deal with…”

“Exceptional litigator”

“…pragmatic, concise… gets to the heart of issues… provides clarity and inspires confidence…”

“…someone you would want on your team…”