Operating Centre requirements for Goods Vehicles’ Operator’s Licence

An Operating Centre is where an operator normally keeps it vehicles when they are not in use. It needs to have sufficient off-street parking for all the operator’s vehicles and trailers.
The Traffic Commissioner needs to be satisfied that an operating centre is suitable, and that it:

  • is large enough;
  • has safe access;
  • is in an environmentally acceptable location; and
  • if the operator does not own the centre, to demonstrate that it is entitled to use it.

When considering an application, the Traffic Commissioner will take into account:

  • the nature and use of any other land near the proposed centre, and the effect granting your application would have on the surrounding environment;
  • any planning permission, or planning application, relating to the centre or the land near it;
  • the number, type and size of the authorised vehicles which would use the centre;
  • the proposed nature and times of use of your centre;
  • the proposed nature and times of use of the equipment at the centre;
  • parking arrangements for the operator’s vehicles at the centre; and
  • the number of vehicles which would be entering and leaving the centre.

An operator must make sure that the proposed operating centre meets the necessary planning regulations. If an operator is granted an Operator’s Licence, then it will still need the necessary approval under planning law, and vice versa.
To prevent or reduce any harmful effects on the environment, the Traffic Commissioner may attach conditions to a licence affecting:

  • the number, type and size of vehicles and trailers kept at the operating centre for maintenance or parking;
  • the parking arrangements for vehicles and trailers kept at or near the centre;
  • the times when the centre may be used for maintenance or movement of vehicles;
  • the number of vehicles entering and leaving the centre.

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