New Serious Incident Reporting System for Bus and Coach Operators

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) sent a bulletin on 6 April 2021 informing bus and coach operators of a new system to report serious incidents.

New Online Forms

​New online forms can be accessed by computer, tablet, or smartphone, and will make it easier for operators to report serious incidents to the DVSA.

  • The new PSV112 online form is available from 6th April 2021. An incident involving your organisation’s public service vehicles must be reported to the DVSA if there are fatalities, serious injuries, or serious damage.
  • If you have joined the DVSA earned recognition scheme, and your vehicles are involved in an incident or collision, you should use the updated ER112 online form to report the incident.

Once an Incident is Reported

Once you’ve made a report you will receive confirmation that the report has been submitted and the DVSA will try to get in touch with you within 2 working days to inform you if the vehicle needs to be inspected. If you fail to notify the DVSA of a reportable incident this could result in enforcement action and the bulletin urges operators not to use or repair any vehicle involved in an incident before the DVSA have responded to the report.

Examples of Incidents to Report

By law, operators must report incidents in which a failure or damage caused may affect the safety of passengers or other road users, such as:

  • fatalities
  • serious injuries (such as broken bones, damage to major organs or overnight hospitalisation)
  • a safety critical system failure (such as brake failure or wheel loss)
  • significant body damage (such as a bridge strike)
  • a vehicle fire (including arson)
  • a suspected serious safety defect

Click here to view the bulletin.