New Safety Standards for HGVs Over 12 Tonnes Driving in Greater London

To drive within Greater London all HGV’s over 12 tonnes will need a new HGV Safety Permit based on the new Direct Vision Standard (DVS). DVS is integral to the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero Plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from London’s transport network.

With regards to the new HGV Safety Permit and DVS, please note:

  • The DVS operates within the same area as the Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
  • The DVS utilises a star rating system to rate HGV’s based on how much a driver can see through the HGV Cab window. A zero star is the lowest score and indicates the lowest level of direct vision. Five stars is the highest score and reflects the highest level of direct vision.
  • The Permit Scheme will run 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • To qualify for a permit, HGV’s must have a minimum of one star. HGV’s rated zero star will only be issued with a permit if they have ‘safe system’ measures installed.
  • HGV’s without a permit or operating in contravention of permit conditions will have imposed on them a £550 Penalty Charge Notice for every day the HGV is driven within the defined DVS area (this will be reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days)
  • The permit is free to obtain and available now
  • A small number of vehicles are entitled to an exemption from the HGV Safety Permit Scheme, click here for more information.