New Recycling Rules to apply in Wales from 6 April 2024

The Waste Separation Requirements (Wales Regulations) 2023 come into effect on 6th April.

From this date, recyclable waste streams from all premises (other than domestic properties and caravans) will need to be separated at source and presented separately for collection. A 2-year moratorium applies to hospitals.

The following will need to be separated:

(a) glass;

(b) cartons and similar, metal and plastic;

(c) paper and card;

(d) food waste from premises that produce 5 kilogrammes or more of food waste in seven consecutive days;

(e) unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment;

(f)  unsold textiles.

In addition, there will be a complementary ban on the disposal of food waste to sewers from non-domestic premises, bans of specified separate recyclable waste streams going to incineration plants and landfills (i.e. card, cartons and other fibre-plastic composite packaging, food waste, all sWEEE and unsold / waste textiles) and a ban on all wood waste going to landfill.

These are significant changes, and a code of Practice has been published by the Welsh Government setting out the details and a copy can be downloaded from this link.

Suffice it to say the changes will welcomed by some but not all. Failure to comply with the separation requirements is a criminal offence. No doubt there will be an explosion of recycling bins in Wales!

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