New Environmental Bill

The Government has released a policy paper (last updated 19th August 2020) in relation to the new Environmental Bill (

The Environmental Bill is aimed at tackling the “environmental and climate crises” and assist in achieving the goals of the 25 year plan to improve the environment.

The policy paper is broken down into 3 parts:

  • The process for developing targets.
  • Overview of the scope of targets that the Government is considering.
  • Sources of target information and how you can get involved.

An important feature of the Environmental Bill is the ability to establish long-term, legally-binding environmental targets. Setting these targets will also help achieve the aims of the 25 year environmental plan. Once targets are drawn up, businesses, communities, and civil society will have a chance to be part of a future consultation process.

Such targets are intended to drive investment in green technology and innovative practices, thereby providing businesses with certainty in the long-term.

It is still too early for specific targets as Government would need further evidence and public consultation. The paper does emphasis an intention to bring forward targets by October 2022 and build on those, as envisaged by the Environmental Bill.