Motion in House of Commons Congratulates Batch on Site Association (BSA)

The BSA was established in 2007 with the objective of representing the interests of operators of Mobile Batching Plants (MBP). MBP machines come in a variety of specifications but their fundamental distinguishing characteristic is their ability to batch produce products such as screed, foam, ‘trench fill’, concrete, ‘cold tarmac’ and mortar on demand at the point of delivery.

Restricting Volumetric weights limits the ability of those vehicles to supply the widest possible range of cements to the biggest number of customers in one trip, replacing single lorry journeys with multiple journeys, causing a much higher carbon footprint, with more fuel used and generating more CO, Nox, SO2, VOCs and PMs.

Dyne Solicitors Limited has been heavily involved in driving the BSA’s campaign for higher weights and as a result a Motion was recently issued in the House of Commons.  This has already received support by a number of MP’s and it is hoped that MPs get behind the Motion.

Motion EDM 1491 (titled ‘Low carbon vehicles and construction work’) was tabled on 11 February 2021. Within the motion text the Batch on Site Association (BSA) and its members are congratulated for reducing the carbon footprint of essential construction supplies, especially in town and city centres, rural areas and in carrying out emergency road repairs by utility companies.

There is further congratulation for Mobile Concrete Batching Plant manufacturers, Armcon, BayLynx, Cementeh, KC3, Mixamate, Proall and Roadmaster Omega using aluminium and Hardox lighter steels to reduce vehicle weights.

Click here to read the full motion text.”