Managing Employees

Having an effective disciplinary procedure

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Having an effective disciplinary process for managing drivers and fitters is fundamental to good housekeeping and keeping your Operator’s Licence. If you have no arrangements in place the Traffic Commissioners are unlikely to have much confidence in your ability to maintain effective control over key employees. We have encountered numerous occasions where drivers have dropped their employers in it. Our immediate reaction is always ‘did you discipline the driver?’. Evidence of a robust and working disciplinary system is an absolute necessity.

  • Driver involved in an RTA?
  • Driver speeding in own car?
  • Driver failing to adhere to drivers hours rules?
  • Driver persistently overloading?
  • Mechanic fails to spot obvious defect at planned safety inspection?

What action are you required to take?
We have a dedicated transport team including an employment specialist who can advise you. Our employment specialist has appeared at Public Inquiries on numerous occasions and knows the drill. Our team of experienced advocates are ready, willing and able to take on your case and steer you in the right direction.
Case study:
When Stefan Weig, managing director of Boxes and Packaging (Merseyside) Ltd, received a mailing from Dyne Solicitors, he knew they were the right firm to represent him at a Public Inquiry regarding his Operator’s Licence.
“Dyne Solicitors sent me a mailing asking me to consider using them for the Inquiry,” explains Mr Weig. “They sent me a really nice bunch of informative material and appeared very professional, so I decided to go with them.”
The corrugated fibreboard packaging manufacturer had received a detailed report from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) listing all their shortcomings. Mr Weig gave this information to Dyne Solicitors, and they collated the information together.
Based on this, Dyne Solicitors came up with both a defence for the Inquiry and an action plan for the future.
“They provided us with a proper spring clean,” says Mr Weig. “Dyne Solicitors showed us how to do things in the future to avoid further enquiries, and provided all the templates and advice we needed.”
“As well as saving my bacon, they gave us a proper framework for our transport undertakings.
“I would absolutely recommend Dyne Solicitors, and have already done so to people I know, even though they are not under investigation. I tell them that if they ever get into trouble, for example with environmental enquiries, they have got to use these guys.”

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