Is ‘drinking and driving’ as bad as ‘not drinking and driving’?

Hopefully we are all fully aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving, but how many of us are aware of the dangers of not drinking and driving?
No, I’m no advocating driving your car back from the pub after a night out but I am suggesting you consider drinking more water when you drive.
According to recent research from Loughborough University into hydration and concentration, failing to drink enough water whilst behind the wheel is the equivalent to being over the drink-drive limit.
The research indicates that drivers who consumed only 25ml of water per hour made the same number of mistakes on the road as those who were over the drink-drive limit. This is double the number of mistakes which motorists that are well hydrated make.
The researchers said that not having enough water can lead to reduced brain activity, as well as a drop in concentration, alertness and short-term memory. They wrote: ‘There is no question that drink driving and driving while tired increases the risk of road accidents. Given the present findings, perhaps some attention should also be directed to encouraging appropriate hydration among drivers.’
So if you drive for a living, or you are about to undertake a long journey, it is probably best to consider whether you have adequate supplies of water for your journey.

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