How a Freight Forwarder can best protect themselves.

Freight can be transported through a variety of mediums and carrier types. An international freight forwarder must be able to prepare and process customs documentation, ensure the correct customs charges are levied, review shipper’s export/import declarations, prepare and check bills of carriage, bills of lading and arrange insurance and if needed, storage.
With the addition of variables such as the weather, industrial action, theft, acts of God and countless other complications, it is little wonder that problems can arise for even the most careful operators. It is therefore imperative that steps are taken by freight forwarders to protect themselves against the potentially disastrous implications of a problem arising.
Some of the ways a Freight Forwarder can protect themselves:

  • The contract agreed between a seller and buyer of the goods prior to the freight forwarder being involved can impact upon the freight forwarder. If the freight forwarder doesn’t have a well drafted freight forwarding contract, then they can end up lumbered with unwanted liability.
  • In any negotiations the freight forwarder’s terms should be repeated to ensure that when the contract is concluded, the contract is on the freight forwarder’s own terms and not those of their Client.
  • The freight forwarder’s own trading conditions should limit the freight forwarder’s liability in the event of a claim against them.
  • The Freight forwarder needs to be careful that it is not liable for damage incurred by a subcontractor.
  • The Freight forwarder needs to make sure that its’ Client is aware of where the burden of insurance lies
  • It is always wise for the freight forwarder to have its own insurance too. This will help cover any compensation should liability attach.

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