Enforcement of the EU Drivers’ Hours Rules Temporarily Relaxed

10 December 2020

In response to pressures on local and national supply chains, the Department for Transport (DfT) has, pursuant to Article 14(2) of Regulation (EC) No 561/2006, introduced a temporary and limited urgent relaxation of the enforcement of EU drivers’ hours rules in England, Scotland and Wales.

This is as a consequence of urgent and exceptional issues related to certain road transport operations, including in the context of port congestion, unusual demand patterns and the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19)-related restrictions on supply chains and demand on them.

Timing of the relaxation

This temporary relaxation will apply from 12:01am on 10 December 2020 and will run until 11:59pm on 30 December 2020. Consecutive weekly rest periods taken before 10 December 2020 must be taken into account for this relaxation, and up to 3 consecutive rest periods may include 1 taken before 10 December 2020.