DVSA issues new guidance on Driver’s Walkaround checks




On 20 September 2019, the DVSA issued new guidance on walkaround checks.


Daily walkaround checks are part of the commitment operators make to obtain their Operator’s Licence and they’re vital for road safety.


As drivers are legally responsible for the condition of the vehicle they are driving and they must carry out these walkaround checks. The results of the checks must be documented  and any safety defects must be reported and fixed before the vehicle is driven.


It is recommend that these checks are carried out before the vehicle is driven on the road each day.  If more than one driver uses a vehicle during the day, the driver taking charge should make sure it is roadworthy and safe to drive by carrying out their own walkaround check before setting off.


The DVSA has updated its guidance and published a new video showing drivers what they need to do.


The new guide also makes it easier to be read on a mobile phone, according to the DVSA.  The DVSA has seen a large increase in people accessing the guidance in this manner.


The new video is shorter in length because the DVSA noticed that only limited numbers of people watching the old version all the way through, thereby missing key information.


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