Advice for operators if you need to park up your vehicles

If you have to mothball your fleet for a period of time, the following is advised:

Upon mothballing:

  • Download the vehicle and driver cards.
  • Suspend planned maintenance inspections
  • Put a Vehicle Off Road sign in the vehicle
  • Put a VOR document (containing date and odometer reading) in the vehicle folder.
  • Lock away the keys so the vehicle cant be taken out by accident.
  • Inform TC the fleet is off the road for the foreseeable future by de-specifying vehicles.

During mothballing, one every 2 weeks:

  • Carry out a daily inspection and drive the vehicle around the yard to exercise brakes etc
  • Record any change in mileage with an explanation why and retain in the vehicle file.

When business re-opens:

  • Download vehicle and driver cards
  • Inform TC the fleet is back on the road by specifying vehicles
  • Remove the VOR sign from the vehicle
  • Complete a Return to Road document, specifying the date and odometer reading. Place it in the vehicle folder
  • Carry out PMI before using the vehicle
  • Carry out a daily inspection prior to driving on the road

For further advice, contact Jared Dunbar on 01829 773 106 or